Amputation is the term used for the removal of part or all of an extremity as a result of trauma or surgery. For surgical purposes, amputations are routinely performed on a limb to control disease processes such as malignant cancerous tissues or bones, diabetic infections or gangrene. An amputation may also be performed as a means of pain control or to remove limbs that have been damaged or partially severed from a traumatic accident. Traumatic amputations may occur when a limb has been severed abruptly at the scene of an accident.

Orlando Injury Lawyer, Michael Barszcz, M.D., J.D. has been practicing law for over 21 years. He has earned both a medical degree from the Brown University Medical School and a law degree from the University of Florida College of Law. His combination of legal and medical specializations enables him to provide his clients with levels of representation far superior to that offered by attorneys lacking his medical expertise. Mr. Barszcz handles a variety of medical litigation claims involving accidents, medical malpractice lawsuits, and various other personal injury cases. As a former defense attorney working for insurance companies and medical professionals, Mr. Barszcz has a superior knowledge of medical legal claims.

The attorneys and legal professionals at the Law Offices of Michael Barszcz, M.D., J.D., strive to serve each person with the professionalism that they would expect to receive as a client. Mr. Barszcz originally created, and continues to maintain, a small law firm to establish close, professional relationships with each client. Mr. Barszcz and his staff are dedicated to honestly, diligently and aggressively protecting the interests of injured people and their families.

Types of Amputations

There are several different types of amputations that a surgeon may perform depending on the needs of the patient. These are also amputations that may be accidental resulting from an accident.

  • Leg
  • Below-knee
  • Above-knee
  • Knee-bearing
  • Ankle disarticulation (separated at the ankle joint)
  • Partial foot
  • Van-ness rotation (foot turned around and reattached to form a knee)
  • Hip disarticulation
  • Hemipelvectomy
  • Amputation of digits (toes or fingers)
  • Arm
  • Wrist disarticulation
  • Forearm (trans-radial)
  • Elbow disarticulation
  • Above-elbow
  • Shoulder disarticulation and fore quarter amputation

At the Law Offices of Michael Barszcz, M.D., J.D., we represent clients on a contingency basis. This means that the attorneys are only paid a fee if there is a recovery in your case. To learn more about legal representation in an amputation claim, please contact our personal injury attorney the Law Offices of Michael Barszcz, M.D., J.D., serving Orlando, Florida, to schedule a free consultation.

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