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Train Accidents

Recent statistics demonstrate that a train collision or derailment occurs with surprising frequency in the United States. The National Safety Council reports that approximately 4,000 train-vehicle collisions occur at railroad crossings each year, resulting in approximately 1,100 injuries and 400 deaths. Some of these accidents are caused by excessive speed or unfocused engineers.

Making Trains Safer

The FRA constantly strives maintain passenger safety and to protect the public from danger.

Train accidents can result in an extraordinary financial burden to the victims and their families. The loss of wages and costs of a lifetime of care for a permanently disabled family member may be devastating. The pain and suffering experienced by these individuals can seem unbearable and insurmountable. Many train accident victims and their families rightfully seek qualified legal representation to file a valid claim for compensation.

Plane, bus, railroad and other public transportation providers are required to maintain strict safety standards. Passenger safety is obviously a primary concern. However, you should know that many train accidents involve companies owned or operated by the government. Therefore, certain limitations may require that you file your train accident claim quickly to comply with strict time constraints for injury reporting and claim filing.

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