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Tips to Avoid Car vs. Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can very easy cause serious personal injury or death. You can decrease your chances of getting into a truck accident by following a few steps while on the road.

Give the Truck Plenty of Room

Make sure you give the tractor-trailer truck plenty of room while driving either behind or in front of the truck. If you are driving in front of the truck, make sure the truck has plenty of room to stop. Trucks need much more room to stop than a passenger vehicle because they weigh about 20 times more than the average car. If you are driving behind the truck, make sure you can see the truck’s mirrors. The truck driver cannot see you if you cannot see the mirrors.

Drive with your Running Lights On

You can increase your chances of other vehicles seeing your car if you drive with your lights on. Running lights draw attention to your car and where you are on the road. A truck driver is more likely to see your lights before seeing your car without your lights on.

Avoid Driving Next to the Truck

Trucks have enormous blind spots because the trailers are long. You may think the truck driver can see you because you can see the truck’s mirrors, but you are most likely driving in the truck’s blind spot. Before passing a truck, make sure you have enough room to safely get over after passing the truck and make sure you will not need to drive next to the truck for an extended period of time.

Following these tips to avoid car vs truck accidents will lower your chances of being in a truck accident. Please contact the law offices of Michael Barszcz, M.D., J.D. to schedule your free consultation. Mr. Barszcz serves clients in and around the Orlando, Florida area.

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