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Defensive Driving Suggestions to Avoid Car Accidents

Millions of people are injured and thousands die on the nation’s highways every year. Many of these motor vehicle accidents would be avoidable if defensive driving techniques were employed by more motorists.

Statistics reveal that the majority of car accidents occur a short distance from home. The theory is that driver’s are comfortable on familiar roadways and are not always paying full attention to the task at hand. Paying full attention means no eating, drinking, smoking, texting or reading while driving. A car is a heavy, powerful machine that deserves our full attention when we are behind the wheel.

It is important also to follow posted speed limits, yield the right of way, do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, use your car’s safety devices and drive as if you expect all the other drivers to make mistakes. Anticipate the unexpected when approaching intersections, stop signs and traffic signals. Be alert and plan ahead and don’t be a distracted driver.

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