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Premises Liability Accidents

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If you or one of your family members gets injured swimming at a pool, your claim would fall under premises liability law. If dangerous property or a negligent property owner leads to you getting injured through falling, tripping, slipping, etcetera, then you may have a case for holding a property owner liable. The owner of the property is responsible for keeping the property safe to use for people who are lawfully on the property. That means the owner is responsible for fixing loose or missing tiles that can cause swimming pool injuries. But in order for the owner to be liable, the visitor must also be lawfully in the area and using the property according to its proper intended usage. If someone sneaks into a public swimming pool after hours and dives into a no diving swimming pool, their potential injuries are probably not covered under premises liability.

If you have been in an accident or gotten hurt on another’s property, you should immediately contact an attorney who can help you take the next step. Premises liability injuries are subject to the statute of limitations, meaning that if you don’t put in a claim in the allotted time, you will not be able to pursue any compensation.

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