Dog Bites In Florida & The Law

By Florida law, whether a dog bites because it felt threatened or simply because it was not restrained, it is the responsibility of the owner if it attacks someone. Have you been victim of a dog bite in Florida? Have you had the unfortunate experience of getting bitten by a dog in the state of… Read More

Are you Kidding Me?

Check out this video from ABC Action News in Tampa, that shows a bus driver in Hillsborough county texting while driving a bus full of kids. According to the story, the student that recorded it was trying to get footage of her using profanity on camera and came up with this instead.

Premises Liability Accidents

If you or one of your family members gets injured swimming at a pool, your claim would fall under premises liability law. If dangerous property or a negligent property owner leads to you getting injured through falling, tripping, slipping, etcetera, then you may have a case for holding a property owner liable. The owner of… Read More

Wrong Site Surgery at Florida’s Halifax Hospital

On July 3, a patient at Halifax Hospital had a wrong-site surgery, according to a story in today’s Orlando Sentinel. The surgeon and hospital staff realized the mistake as the procedure was happening, but did not report it to state authorities for two weeks. And, when discussing the surgical error with the patient, the surgeon… Read More

How to Drive Safely during Back-to-School Week

It’s the time of year when students head back to school. The beginning of the school year means more children and young adults will be walking near roadways in the morning and afternoon. These students will be using sidewalks, crosswalks and bus stops. It’s important to drive carefully as students get used to their new… Read More

Feds ask for Improved Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian accidents can be devastating and occur at high rates in Orlando and across the state of Florida. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents often result in fatal or catastrophic injuries to the pedestrian. Motorists and pedestrians must follow roadway laws and take care to avoid this type of accident. In response to a rising number of pedestrian… Read More