Issues facing Older Drivers

Ever since a 100-year-old man in Los Angeles backed his car into a crowd of people behind him earlier this summer, a number of media sources have addressed the issue of senior citizens and auto accidents. A recent Associated Press story points out that, although 30 states have requirements for licensing older drivers, each state’s… Read More

No Negligence on the Part of Driver involved in Motorcade Crash

An initial report from the Florida Highway Patrol says the driver involved in the motorcycle accident that killed a police officer in President Obama’s motorcade was not driving negligently. According to an Associated Press story, a separate Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office homicide investigation is still ongoing. The accident occurred in West Palm Beach earlier… Read More

Progressive® Settles with Family of Fatal Auto Accident Victim

Unfortunately, some auto insurance policyholders with underinsured motorist coverage (UM) quickly find themselves at odds with their own insurance company. Even though you have paid for the coverage, your insurance company may try to deny you this compensation after you are injured in an auto accident. On August 13, a blogger named Matt Fisher published… Read More

Pedestrian Fatalities Rose 4 Percent in 2010

A recently released study reports nationwide pedestrian fatalities had risen 4 percent in 2010 from the previous year. That percentage includes 4,280 pedestrians killed by auto accidents. Florida traffic fatalities accounted for 487 pedestrians, following the state with the highest number, California, at 599 pedestrians. Both pedestrians and motorists must be alert to prevent these… Read More

Hospitals Cracking Down on Prescription Misuse

Medication errors, such as overprescribing pain medication to a certain patient, can lead to serious injury and fatal drug overdose. Misuse of prescription painkillers is a leading cause of death in the United States. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, misuse of prescription painkillers caused 425,000 emergency room visits and 15,000 deaths in… Read More

First Quarter Auto Accident Deaths Rise in 2012

The first three months of 2012 brought a 13.5 percent increase in auto accident fatalities compared to the same period last year, according to CNN. Tragically, within the first quarter of 2012 an estimated 7,630 people were killed in auto accidents, compared to 6,720 deaths in 2011, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration… Read More

Smartphone Apps for Auto Accidents

The world of mobile apps has created several tools you can use if you are involved in an auto accident. These apps include: iWrecked: This free app is available for Android and iPhone. This app provides step-by-step guidance for what you should do after an auto accident. It will ask you for the details of… Read More

Summer Storms Driving Safety

The heavy rains and winds caused by tropical storm Debby led to traffic jams and car accidents in many Florida areas, including Orlando. As wet summer weather sets in, circumstances are ripe for causing a car accident. Without exercising care, a driver can quickly cause devastating injuries to himself and others. A summer storm can… Read More