Hospitals Receive Safety Scores for Medical Errors

More than 180,000 people die every year because of hospital negligence, according to the Leapfrog Group, a nonprofit that advocates for improved hospital safety and transparency. The group recently surveyed more than 2,600 hospitals across the nation to assign a safety score to each. Analysts and experts used publicly available data as well as information… Read More

The Dangers of Fatigued Driving

Fatigue is a major cause of serious auto accidents. Driving while fatigued causes over 100,000 auto accidents each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In these accidents, 1,550 people are killed and 40,000 injuries occur. To avoid driving while you are tired, you should: Pursue good sleep habits to get a full,… Read More

Futuristic Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication may Prevent Car Accident Injuries

Research is underway to test the efficacy of high-tech, vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Officials believe the technology could reduce fatalities and injuries caused by car accidents. The US Department of Transportation reports recent “driver acceptance clinics” show that a majority of the drivers who participated in the clinics liked the technology’s safety benefits, according to a press… Read More

Report: Florida has High Rate of Preventable, Injury-Related Deaths

Florida had the 18th highest rate of injury-related deaths, according to a new report conducted by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. These types of injuries stem from auto accidents, prescription drug abuse, texting while driving and other acts of carelessness. The report also looked at “indicators” of each state’s… Read More

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

This month, various organizations and local governments are spreading the word about sharing the road with motorcycles and avoiding motorcycle accidents.  Florida Governor Rick Scott officially recognized Motorcycle Awareness Month by issuing a proclamation, which declared: Motorcycles are an increasingly popular means of transportation The scenery of Florida make it an ideal spot for motorcycle… Read More

Teen Girls more Likely to Engage in Risky Driving Behaviors leading to Auto Accidents

Anyone can cause an auto accident by becoming distracted from the task of driving; however, teenagers are often pointed to as being the most likely perpetrators of distracted driving. It is important to remember that adults, too, engage in careless behavior leading to catastrophic accidents. By showing our teens how to drive safely now, we… Read More

Young People Least Likely Passengers to Put a Stop to a Distracted Driver’s Cell Phone Use

Young passengers are the least likely to say something to a driver who is texting or talking on a cell phone while driving, according to US Department of Transportation (DOT) survey results announced earlier this week by US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. Cell phone use while driving is a common cause of auto accidents and… Read More

Officials Hope to Reduce Car Accident Fatalities during Distracted Driving Awareness Month

In 2010, more than 3,000 people were killed in auto accidents caused by distracted driving, according to, the official US government website for distracted driving awareness. April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. This month, law enforcement agencies in some states are cracking down on texting and other sources of driver distraction. Currently, 10… Read More

Mother Sues Florida Hospital for Negligence

Medical malpractice claims can stem from incidents in busy, high-stress hospital environments. Most hospital employees are hard-working, talented individuals who perform life-saving and health-promoting feats every day; however, rare instances of hospital negligence can lead to: Aggravation of a health condition or injury Physical disfigurement Loss of enjoyment of life In recent news is the… Read More

Seat Belts Save Thousands of Lives in Auto Accidents

In Florida, 769 lives were saved by seat belts in car accidents in 2010. Nationwide, seat belts saved 12,546 lives that year. These numbers come from a statistical summary released earlier this month by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The summary is titled “Traffic Safety Facts: Crash Stats.” The summary goes on to… Read More