Spike in Surgical Robot Accident Reports catch FDA’s Attention

Robotic surgical systems were used in 367,000 surgeries in 2012, triple the number of four years before, according to CBS News. A rising number of adverse event reports associated with the robot has caught the attention of the FDA, which is gathering information from surgeons regarding surgical errors associated with the robot. This robotic surgical… Read More

Electronic Devices and Car Accidents

At any given moment during daylight hours in the US, there are about 660,000 people either using cell phones or otherwise using an electronic device while driving, one of the common causes of car accidents. That statistic comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s April 2013 issue of Safety 1n Num3ers. According to the… Read More

Tips to Prevent Spring Break Car Accidents

Although Spring Break is over for most schools, there are still a number of universities across the country who will be taking their spring vacation this week, and even into the first week of April, with students visiting Panama City Beach, Daytona Beach and other ocean-side destinations. A tragic car accident last week claimed the… Read More

Avoid Orlando St. Patrick’s Day DUI Accidents

Based on 2011 statistics, someone is killed in a DUI-related car accident about once every hour. With the St. Patrick’s Day weekend ahead of us, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration urges you to not drive drunk and to never let friends drive drunk. According to the NHTSA, in 2011, 34 percent of auto accident… Read More

Breast Cancer Diagnosis Error is a Common Malpractice Claim against Radiologists

Diagnosis errors are the most common type of medical malpractice claim brought against US radiologists, according to Oncology Nurse Advisor. Oftentimes, the diagnostic error is in regard to breast cancer. This finding comes from an article published in Radiology. Using data from more than 8,400 radiologists across 47 states, researchers were looking for common causes… Read More

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

This past Sunday night, a woman jogging in Osceola County was tragically hit and killed in a pedestrian accident involving a motor vehicle, according to the Orlando Sentinel. It was late at night, about 9:45, when the accident occurred. Apparently the driver has said he was unable to see the woman because she was in… Read More

Fault in Car Accidents with Bicycles

Car accidents between motorists and people on bicycles are not uncommon in Orlando. Cyclists have a right to travel in the roadways unless otherwise posted, which means accidents with cars can happen. Given the potential problems caused by a bicycle and car traveling side by side, tempers often flare between cyclists and motorists. When accidents… Read More

Can Driverless Cars prevent Accidents?

Driverless cars, autonomous vehicles or robot cars; whatever you’ve heard them called, cars that can drive themselves are becoming a reality. These vehicles hold the promise of drastically reducing auto accidents. Most automakers are developing an autonomous vehicle model, according to FOX Business. These vehicles can run in a fully automated mode, allowing you to… Read More

Patients are Rarely told about Medication Errors

When medical personnel make a medication error, the patient and patient’s family are rarely told about the error, according to a recent study published in the medical journal Critical Care Medicine. This type of error is a common source of medical malpractice claims. The researchers found: Patients and/or the patients’ families were made aware of… Read More