Careless Drivers tend to Increase Drunk Driving Accidents over the Holidays

Unfortunately, instances of drunk driving car accidents tend to increase in the second half of December. After a holiday party at the office or elsewhere, some people carelessly get behind the wheel when they shouldn’t. Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced its holiday campaign to discourage drunk driving. NHTSA is working with… Read More

Federal Government proposes Black boxes in cars

This past Friday, the US Government proposed a new vehicle safety standard to record what happens during the moments of a car accident. Specifically, the government is proposing to install all new vehicles with event data recorders, often called “black boxes.” When a car accident occurs, or when the airbag deploys, the device would be… Read More

Electronic Stability Control reduces Car Accident Fatalities

A recently released study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows equipping cars with electronic stability control is decreasing auto accident fatalities. The three-year study showed ESC saved more than 2,000 lives from 2008 to 2010. ESC is required for all new, model-year 2012 vehicles, manufactured in September 2011 or after. Types of vehicles… Read More

More Drivers are Buckling Up seat belt

In 2012, 86 percent of drivers are using their seat belts, compared to 84 percent in 2011, according to the National Occupant Protection Use Survey. NOPUS is an annual survey carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Seatbelt use has been increasing since 1994. Statistics show that, as more drivers wore seatbelts, the… Read More

Busier Roads – Thanksgiving

If you plan to travel this week, be especially cautious on the road to prevent car accidents. This year is the fourth year in a row with increased Thanksgiving travel, according to AAA. The organization says 43.6 million Americans are expected to travel for the holiday, an increase of 0.7 percent from last year. The… Read More

Fungal Meningitis from Contaminated Steroids

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with fungal meningitis after receiving steroid shots, you may be eligible for compensation. Our attorneys can review the details of your case to see if you have a valid product liability claim. If your doctor gave you these drugs after they had been recalled, you may… Read More

Avoid Auto Accidents on Halloween

A Florida Highway Patrol news release says the agency will be cracking down on drunk driving on Halloween. From today through November 4, police officers are preventing tragic auto accidents caused by drunk driving. You can expect DUI checkpoints in Orlando and the surrounding areas. Everyone should be able to enjoy a fun and safe… Read More

Preventing Teen Driver Fatal Accidents

Last week, October 14-20, was National Teen Driver Safety Week. The week was designated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The awareness-raising campaign seeks to prevent deaths and injuries caused by teen auto accidents. Auto accidents are the leading cause of death for US teenagers. NHTSA says driving inexperience and immaturity combines with other… Read More

Orange County, FL Pedestrian Accident

Yesterday afternoon in Orange County, Florida, a 71-year-old pedestrian was struck and killed by an SUV, according to WESH Orlando. Police investigators believe he may have leaned into the road from the sidewalk to inspect a shiny piece of material in the road. Police say the embedded object resembles a dime, and it may have… Read More