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If you see it coming, it may seem like a slow motion event, but auto accidents only take seconds to unfold. However, it is the events that occur after the accident that may take some time. Beyond making sure you are okay, other actions you take can make a difference in spending weeks haggling with insurance companies and authorities, or speeding up the process.

Why hire an attorney who’s also a medical doctor?
When the stakes are high, EVERY MOVE MATTERS.

An experienced auto accident lawyer can help you through the process, but here are some things you should do if you or a loved one is ever involved in an auto accident.

  • If you or another person is injured, seek medical attention immediately. It is obviously important that your welfare, and those of anyone else involved, are looked after. However, you should not discuss the accident with anyone, even if it may have been your fault. Any admission may become valid in a court of law at a later date.
  • Get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses to the accident. Though police will do this, if the information is lost, you will have it on hand. Be sure to write down this information as soon as possible since not all witnesses will wait for the police to make a statement.
  • Take pictures of the accident scene from many angles. Pictures of all vehicles and damage, skid marks, and those that prove what the weather or angle of the sun during the accident may be important to your claims.
  • You may be called by the other party’s insurance company to discuss a claim. Do not discuss anything with the insurance company. Any contact or interviews should be done with your auto accident attorney present.

Due to statute of limitations, it is important that you contact an experienced automobile accident attorney as soon as possible. If you or a loved one has been involved in an automobile accident in Florida or within the Orlando, Florida area, please contact our auto injury attorney at the Law Offices of Michael Barszcz, M.D., J.D. For over 24 years, Michael Barszcz has recovered multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for clients injured in accident cases.

  • $3,000,000

    Failure to diagnose and treat respiratory distress after delivery leads to respiratory arrest and brain injury (hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy)

  • $2,950,000

    Failure to diagnose and treat pre-eclampsia leads to maternal death.

  • $2,100,000

    Improper medication prescribed for patient with asthma leads to death.